Emperor Penguin Migration

Emperor Penguin Migration

Each year the Emperor Penguin follows a long, hard, migration path to a place in Antarctica from their normal home from the fringe of the water. They do this because during the fall Emperor Penguins mate and the female lays an egg. The reason they migrate inland from water is so that after the egg hatches you will see more ice beneath the newborn penguin’s feet and a lot less possibility of it falling through into the ocean.

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After the female penguin lays the egg she’s exhausted all the task and requires to leave to go back to the ocean to obtain something you can eat. The father takes the egg and keeps it warm all winter even though the mother is feeding inside the distant ocean.

In early spring the egg will hatch and also the mother will return. The starving father who hasn’t eaten for around four months will go back to the water to feed. The caretaker will remain with the chick for some time then leave to go back to the ocean again. This time around the young penguin will be left alone.

When it grows it’s swimming feathers it too will go towards the ocean to secure. Then someday it’s going to keep to the same migration route that it’s parents followed which Emperor Penguins happen to be following for countless generations.

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